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            High-Precision Testing Equipment

            High-Precision Testing Equipment

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            Testing Center

            The testing center now has seat vibration test bench, universal material tension test machine, salt spray test machine, Blovi optical hardness tester and other test equipment. And according to the plan, millions of yuan will be invested gradually to purchase and customize a variety of testing equipment. As an important guarantee for delivering high quality products to customers, a perfect testing center is rapidly being established.

            Blovi optical hardness tester

            Strength tester

            Salt spray tester

            cushion wear resistance test bench

            Combustion Performance Tester

            Lacquer Film Impact Tester

            Vibration test bench

            The mechanical properties of the shock absorber and various elastic components are tested and analyzed. The shock absorber can be tested by compression test. The compression force, maximum value, destructive force, peak value and compressive strength of the material can be measured.

            Blovi optical hardness tester

            Lever loading and optical reading are used to measure the Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers hardness of metal materials and specimens.

            Strength Testing Machine

            Tensile material testing machine

            Shock absorber fatigue testing machine

            Creep wear tester

            Load Durability Testing Machine

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